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AT Beyond-Sight Investments Our Ears Are Open To Listen To Your Requirements And Our Skilled Personnel Are Readily Available To Give You The Best Service That Will Satisfy You.


We Do The Following Among Others;
Executive Office Chairs,School Chairs,Banquet Chairs(Full Round Back),Banquet Chairs(Square Back),Craig Stack Chairs

Tables And Desks

We Do Office Desks (All Types) School Desks,Dining Tables,Kitchen Tables,Wooden Cabinets As Well As Metal Material

Specialized Hospital Beds

We Manufacture Specialized Surgical Beds Which Are Custom Made To Meet Our Customer's Needs

Standard Hospital Beds

We Also Manufacture Standard Hospital Beds ,Boarding School Beds As Well As General Metal Beds

Why Choose Beyond-Sight Investments

  • Beyond Sight Investments Is A Company That Has Customers At Heart
  • We Pride Ourselves In Providing Custom Made Material That Best Suits Our Customers
  • Our Turn Around Times Are Next To None
  • We Deliver On Time And As Per Our Promise

The Organization Also Has Quite A Number of Experienced Minds That Gives Direction And Wisdom .

What You Get

You Get The Best Service And Good Quality Products Delivered On Time.We DO It Right The First Time